Class Reunions

Over the past half-century, we have had a few opportnities to renew old friendships and revisit those days when we were young and naive. For most of us, getting together five, ten or fifteen years after graduation was a time of anxiety.  How did we measure up? How would people treat me? Will (you fill in the name) remember me?

The first reunions revolved around cliques formed during the school years, those with whom we shared a special class, lived in our childhood neighborhoods, or spent hours together on a football field, a basketball court, or a swimming pool.  Maybe a first kiss or date. Many classmates didn't attend the early get-togethers, perhaps because of distance or cost but sometimes due to their teen experiences.

As we grew older and wiser, we realized that people - including ourselves - change. We learned that a person is not defined by his or her looks, work, or monetary success. Popularity - or the lack thereof - in high school does not correlate with adult achievement or happiness. I will always recall the regret voiced by Danny McShan the morning after the tenth reunion that expressed the feelings of everyone, "I really wish I had been nicer to everyone. I was just a turd who didn't know better."

Enjoy the pictures of our class reunions and the planning sessions that preceded them and try to be here for the 60th in 2022!